About Us

Turning Ordinary Smartphones
into Extraordinary Mobile Solutions

i-Blades created a unique and exciting patent protected cloud platform securely linked to our Smartblades that manages and enhances smartphone based mobile solutions for government, business and consumers.

This cloud based platform with modular snap-on Smartblades (Battery, Storage, Security and the ‘X ‘Factor) as component solutions replaces legacy stand alone portable devices. The SmartBlades ’X’ Factor is specific to a market need that in the past has been addressed via a stand alone portable device — glucose readers, Raman spectroscopy, VPNs, projectors, cameras, audio, radios , scanners — just to name a few.

i-Blades makes your smartphone smarter by incorporating our patented smart-platform to the ubiquitous smartphone case and then adding universal Blades (transferable to any phone with a Smartcase). Our customers can add and remove specific technology or solutions such as end-to-end security, VPN, high end audio, better speakers, any radio technology, any sensor technology, expanded battery, and more memory thus upgrading their smartphone with features that matter specific to them. We control, manage and allow consumers to access these smart features via our i-BLADES software platform.

i-Blades has a complete and exciting portfolio of products, currently including Smartcases for the Google Pixel 3 and the latest Samsung Galaxy releases, and Blades with Battery and Memory, THX High Audio, Monster Executive Speaker, Bosch Air quality sensor, Belt Clip with Battery, Auto Mount, Wireless Charging, with several more in progress.

i-BLADES plans to support the Apple iPhone later on this year. And yes, the exact Blades we make today will work with all other Smartphone Smartcases we release in the future.

We make products for those who need to do more

We are for the people who want to do more, who live their lives on the go and need to be able to achieve more. For those who want to use their technology to make the most of every moment, to get more out of life. Those who want to live healthier active lifestyles. We are for those who have a desire to go beyond the ordinary. The people that are pushing the boundaries, that click 'yes' to download, capture create and share everything that matters.

i-BLADES was founded to offer choice. The choice to add technology and customize your smartphone. A choice currently limited and dictated by only a few companies. i-BLADES was created to offer an alternative a way to access new technologies when you wanted.

We are a technology company

i-BLADES does not make ordinary cases or as we like to call them "dumb cases". We make Smartcases. They are called Smartcases simply because they are SMART. We have been able to achieve this because we are a technology company not a phone case company that deals purely in plastics and leather. We are based in Silicon Valley, California, and we are a team who have extensive experience in the world of hi-tech industries, from leading software companies, consumer electronics giants as well as microprocessor chip manufacturers and start-ups. We are applying all our collective knowledge, experience and passion to make new and innovative products that we hope will delight.

We are innovators

i-BLADES is a company that was created to challenge the mobile industry. The founder and CEO of the company Jorge Fernandes is an innovator and entrepreneur. He saw that the ability to personalize and customize your smartphone was limited and the choice you had was dictated by a few companies. i-BLADES was created to offer an alternative a way to access new technologies when you wanted.

Jorge was the inventor behind the enabling technology for Apple Pay, as well as successfully establishing several companies that have challenged the status quo of their industries.


So if you want to do more. Check out our range of Smartcases.