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About Us

Turning Ordinary Smartphones
into Extraordinary Mobile Solutions

At i-BLADES, we're transforming the way you see smartphones, elevating standard phones to unparalleled mobile tools. Leveraging our unique, patented technology, we modify regular or Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) smartphones into versatile and safeguarded devices suitable for various settings, industries, and niche sectors.Ā 

Our product range is anchored by the groundbreaking Smartcase, an advanced phone case embedded with top-tier technology. This modular platform seamlessly integrates Smartcases and specialized SmartbladesĀ® with cloud connectivity via our Smartapp. Users can effortlessly integrate enhanced sensors, radios, premium audio, edge computing, advanced data analytics for AI optimization, comprehensive security, extended battery or storage, and more.Ā 

This approach drastically reduces the time and expense typically associated with introducing new handheld tools. Our unwavering dedication to innovation is a core principle, embodied by our Founder and CEO, Jorge Fernandes, the brain behind Apple Pay's foundational tech. Our team is persistently pushing boundaries to deliver solutions that resonate with our clientele. i-BLADES stands for unparalleled mobile versatility, ensuring your smartphone meets the challenges of any environment. For those discerning moments, trust i-BLADES to deliver.

We make products for those who need to do more

We cater to those who constantly strive for more, always on the move and seeking ways to maximize their potential. These are individuals who harness technology to seize every moment, deriving the utmost joy from life. They prioritize a healthy, active lifestyle and are driven by a passion to transcend the usual. These trailblazers eagerly embrace tools that allow them to capture, create, and share every significant experience.


If you're aiming to Do More, check out our Collection of Smartcases.