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5 Best Leather Modular Wallets for Samsung S22

January 29, 2022

The new Samsung S22 series is knocking at our doors, and soon we will have the possibility to buy these three arguably the best phones on the market. And while we are waiting impatiently, some companies are doing their best to provide the best protection for these phones.

Even though there is still some time left before the most anticipated launch of the year, we can find various protective cases, leather wallets, screen and camera protectors, and so on. And it is always a good idea to protect your new phone. Remember, this series will be among the best ever, so you will want to have your phone last as long as possible.

Without further adoā€¦

Best Leather Modular Wallets for Samsung S22 Series

i-Blades Leather Modular Wallet for Samsung S22

The top pick is an option for the regular S22 model ā€“ the i-Blades leather wallet.

The wallet is made of the best Grain Nappa leather, which looks terrific and is fantastic to touch. The material is soft, with a satin-like finish. Being soft doesn't mean it's not durable and protective. On the contrary. The leather is sturdy enough to protect your phone from any kind of damage. It comes in colors black and Navy blue.

The wallet has four card slots and one cash pocket behind them. You can put many cards and cash bills inside this wallet without it getting bulky. There is a dedicated pen slot in the middle, while the right side is designated for the phone.

You can also buy a SmartCase from the same company that perfectly fits this wallet and can be removed when needed. The case itself has sensors that measure air quality around you and provide helpful feedback. Also, the casing is compatible with SmartBlades that provide additional storage memory and battery life!

This wallet is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S22 and is arguably the best modular wallet on the market, especially if you buy the SmartCase and SmartBlade with it.

Sunsky Flip Leather Wallet for Samsung S22

In case the i-Blades costs too much for your taste, you can always opt for a cheaper option that will do the job well in a traditional sense, without bringing in many improvements in the process.

The Sunsky leather wallet looks fantastic. The leather is very soft and feels nice, while the matte-like color is available in black, brown, red, orange, and blue. To be honest, I can't decide which one looks better.

As for the wallet properties, the product has three card slots with a diagonal cut design, which looks quite modern. The first slot is a see-through, very convenient for ID cards that you often use. Behind the slots is a cash pocket.

The right side is dedicated to the phone, and there is a removable phone TPU case. In other words, you can put it in and protect your phone further, or take it out and make this wallet much slimmer.

The magnetic closing mechanism makes this wallet safe from opening unnecessarily, and the wallet can be adjusted to be used as a kickstand.

Sunsky Mirren Crazy Horse Leather Wallet for S22+

The Sunsky models are excellent, and for that same reason, I have chosen the same brand and its similar leather wallet for the S22+ model.

The Mirren Crazy Horse model looks even better than the previous model as the leather imprint pattern is impressive. It comes in four colors ā€“ green, orange, black, and blue, but I have put the green one here for my personal preference towards the color green.

There are only two card slots, but the slots are somewhat more prominent so that you can place many cards inside them. It's not as organized as if you had more slots but having, for example, ID cards in one slot and bank cards in the other is organized as well. The money pouch is behind them.

Again, the phone is removable, the magnetic grip will close the wallet tight, and it can be used as a kickstand for horizontal hands-free use. All the cuts are done according to the S22+ model, so you can charge it while it is in the wallet.

Asdsinfor Galaxy S22 Ultra Wallet Case

The S22 Ultra model will be bigger than the S22 and S22 Plus, and as such, it will have more space for all the things you can put inside the wallet.

The Asdsinfor's leather case will offer three card slots and a cash pocket behind them. All of the slots are big enough to fit several cards inside and the money pocket.

The wallet comes in various colors ā€“ black, blue, grey, purple, dark purple, gold, red, and green. All models have the same butterfly imprint that might be awesome for the ladies and fellas. The faux leather is pleasant to the touch and eyes and has been created to be of excellent protective properties.

The magnetic strap will close the wallet, the kickstand option is there as well, and the wallet has special cuts for S22 Ultra so you can use the phone without any obstructions.

QIVSTAR has been an ever-present manufacturer when it comes to protective cases and wallets for smartphones. This time, there is a great leather wallet for Samsung S22 Ultra.

The leather is of the highest quality and is thick and durable enough to keep your S22 Ultra safe and protected for a long time. The wallet will protect against various scratches, shocks, hits, and even dirt.

There are only two card slots, but you can fit many cards inside. The money pocket is behind them. There is a removable phone case on the right side, which adds more protection.

You can buy this beautiful wallet in several colors ā€“ grey, pink, golden, brown, green, and rose gold. The wallet is decorated with bling diamond-like features, the leather has a nice imprint, and an owl on the right shines nicely.

The wallet has a hand strap, can be magnetically closed, and has a kickstand function.

Final Words

Have you seen what the newest S22 Galaxy series will have to offer? Do you know which model to buy?

Whatever your choice may be, these wallets will both protect your phone and make much more free space in your bag or purse. Great deal, right?