The Very Best Leather Wallet Cases for Pixel 4

November 01, 2019

While we can debate the quality of any smartphone in terms of its software and hardware, there’s no doubt about one fact regarding Pixel 4; it’s definitely the ultimate Android experience. After all, who would make a better-fitting piece of hardware for the Android OS than the people at Google who’ve created it in the first place? Though, as you might imagine - this isn’t your average budget phone. Google’s flagship smartphone will set you back $799 for the 64GB model. Thus, you’ll probably want to take care of it as best you can; a replacement for your screen will cost you as much as a new, cheaper phone!

The obvious way to go is to place your phone in a protective case; so it’s not as slippery while you’re holding it, and all the delicate parts are well-protected. But let’s face it - while there are many options for phone cases out there, most of them suck. Either in the aesthetics department or in the practical sense; most of them just aren’t up to snuff. If you ask us, the best possible option is getting a Pixel 4 leather wallet case. Not only are they better-looking than the average plastic case, but they also have additional practical uses.

i-Blades Pixel 4 Genuine Leather Wallet Smart Case(+Battery, +Storage, ++) 

Pixel 4 Leather wallet case

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery cases 

Now that you have invested in the innovative Pixel 4, you should invest in the innovative, high quality i-BLADES Pixel 4 Wallet Cases.   You’d be hard-pressed to find such a cool combination of cutting-edge wallet case tech with luxurious leather. Made from genuine USA Nappa leather, the i-BLADES case is luxurious, smooth to the touch and durable.

Exclusive leather wallet with embedded smart technology, you get a super-charged phone case with additional features -- an EnviroSensor, more security, more battery, more storage, and more . . . And the best part is that it’s highly customizable! If you just want a classy leather case without all the extra stuff, the Smartblade is quite easy to remove!  The micro-engineered technology offered by i-Blades enables you to add more to your Pixel 4 - while also having all-around first class protection. Don't. forget it is also a fantastic gift to your special one person which obviously can include yourself!

ProCase Genuine Leather Wallet


If you’re searching for a great-looking Pixel 4 wallet case, you’ll definitely be satisfied with the ProCase model. First of all, and most importantly - it’s manufactured with actual, genuine leather. For those who want to combine ultimate protection with the best aesthetic style, you won’t go wrong here. It also feels great in your hand, which is obviously important for a phone case. Plus, the case’s magnetic clasp does a good job of keeping the cover in its place. On top of all that, you get a neat little kickstand, if you’re going to be watching long videos or movies on the phone.

 As for the ‘wallet’ part of it, you get a pretty generous pocket for your cash, but only two card slots for your ID or bank cards.

Arae Wallet Case


If you’re not about to spring a large amount of money for genuine leather, Arae offers you a Pixel 4 XL Leather wallet case made out of faux leather. The Arae wallet case design is quite interesting; unlike most folio cases, this one doesn’t have everything on the inside. Instead, all of your slots for cards and cash are on the back of the case. On the back, you get three slots for your cards, as well as a cash pocket. There’s also no risk of spillage, as everything is held together by magnetic buttons.

Olixar Leather Case


The Olixar Pixel 4 case is another faux leather model. Much like the Arae model, it’s not designed to be a folio case, instead providing you with all of the wallet amenities on the back of the case. You get an ID card slot and a bank card slot, inside a wallet case that boasts quite a stylish design. Unlike most leather wallet cases, it’s pretty light-weight and slim; the word of the day here is ‘minimalism’.

Choosing The Best Leather Wallet Cases for Pixel 4

Naturally, once you get your Pixel 4 and decide on purchasing a leather wallet case to go along with it; you need to decide what your criteria for the case will be. Of course, this largely depends on your personal preferences. But if you ask us, firstly, you want high quality leather.  Next, you don’t want the case to be too bulky. After all, you’ll be holding it all the time, and you don’t want it to sit awkwardly in your pocket.  Finally, it needs to securely store for all of your cards as well as cash.A quality leather wallet cases for the Pixel 4 gives your phone the proper protection it deserves, and combining it with your wallet, gives you the convenience and luxury you deserve. Forget bulky pockets lined with a phone and a chunky wallet; you can have it all in one go.


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