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Best Leather Wallets for Samsung Galaxy S21

December 19, 2020

The new Samsung Galaxy series is coming away, and people are really excited to get one of the three S21 models in January. As usual, all three models in the series are expected to have a big sales boom, especially considering that these phones will arguably be the best on the market when they are released.

The full specs for the new series are already out, and it is known how good these flagship phones are going to be on the inside. On the outside, the combination of front glass and back plastic that create the case really seems incredibly fragile. A smartphone series like this one must be further protected, there is no doubt about this.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 series leather wallet cases to both protect the phone and keep other important cards and cash around you at the same time.

The best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leather wallet

i-Blades Samsung Galaxy S21 leather wallet smart case


Donā€™t let the name fool you, S21 was known as S30 when the rumors started circulating, it is the same phone, at least for now. The i-Blades company had already patented the product before Samsung revealed they are going to name it S21. But thatā€™s not important. Whatā€™s important is this fantastic full-around package they offer.

The best phone deserves the best protection, and there is double protection included in this package ā€“ a leather wallet and a smart case! Let's go one by one.

First of all, the leather wallet is incredibly stylish and durable. The Grain Nappa leather is soft on the touch, and with a satin-like finish, it looks magnificent. It comes in three colors ā€“ black, brown, and Navy-blue. It comes with four card slots and a cash pocket behind those slots on the left, the i-Blade smart case space on the right, and the middle part is reserved for the S-Pen that the S21 Ultra will have. It looks nice, it protects great, and has many features!

The other part of protection is the aforementioned smart case. Now, this is the real thing!

The case goes around S21 Ultra perfectly, further protecting the phone. Of course, it can be pulled out of the leather wallet and used separately. And It brings many additional features that will further enhance S21 Ultra's properties!

This smart case has the Bosch Enviro Sensor integrated into it which will measure the temperate, air quality, humidity, and pressure of the environment around you. Plus, it can record the data for further analysis.

The back of the case has a magnetically attachable SmartBlade feature that will provide additional storage memory (16-128GB) and battery charging (up to 20 hours of juice). SmartBlade is easily snapped on or off when needed and takes almost no space at all.

The S21 Ultra will be an absolute monster inside this case ā€“ the already (probably) most powerful phone in the world, with even more storage space, more battery life, more protection, wallet properties, and incredibly classy ā€“ what more can one wish for?


  • Fantastic design and leather quality.
  • Double protection with the wallet and the case.
  • Four card slots, a cash pocket, and the S-Pen holder.
  • A smart case full of incredible additions.
  • Specifically made for S21 Ultra.


  • A bit bulky.

Treat yourself with i-Blades today!

The best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus leather wallet

HualuBro Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus


Nothing can beat the i-Blades offer, but letā€™s have a look at some more traditional phone wallets on the market for some cheaper options.

The next on this list is the HualuBro case designed for the S21 Plus model, and it looks amazing!

The combination of PU leather and TPU silicone provides both sturdiness and style. One will keep your S21 Plus completely safe from any damage, such as scratches, dirt, drops, marks, etc., while the other will provide a fine and stylish look.

The wallet comes in five different colors: black, blue, brown, red, and pink, so there is something for everyone. It is very slim and will not take up much space in your bag or pockets.

The HualuBro wallet has five card slots with one cash pocket, and everything will fit perfectly, without any chance of dropping out.

The phone will be safe and sound inside as well since this wallet case is designed for S21 Plus specifically. The cutouts are precise and all the buttons and ports are quite accessible, therefore there is no need to take the phone out while charging, taking photos, or playing music.

The case also has a built-in kickstand function for hands-free use.


  • Very nice looking and comes in five different colors.
  • Quality materials for fantastic protection.
  • Five-cards and one cash slot.
  • Kickstand option for handsfree.
  • Precise cutouts.


  • The side buttons are close to the edge. Fall on sharp and thin objects may damage them.

The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 leather wallet

ZORSOME Galaxy S21 Leather Wallet Case Cover


There are just slight differences between this model and the previous one, so with all due respect for the company, the features of this wallet case will be briefly highlighted.

The ZORSOME leather wallet is specifically designed for Galaxy S21 and all the button, camera, and port functions are accessible with ease.

The whole case is made of PU leather and has a different feel than the previous model, but surely protects equally well.

The design is quite nice and moderate, without overdoing. It is very slim and quite useful when little space is available. It comes in six different colors, and those are black, blue, grey, red, yellow, and brown.

The card slots are limited to only three, with the cash pocket present as well. A magnetic strap will keep everything closed well.

With the kickstand function available as well, there is an additional feature of a hand strap, in case you might be worried that you will lose your new S21.


  • A very moderate and nice-looking wallet that comes in six colors.
  • A very good material, good for both protection and looks.
  • Precise cutouts for the S21 model.
  • A hand strap and a kickstand option.
  • Three cards and one cash pocket.


  • Similarly to the previous model, the buttons can be damaged on very rare occasions.