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Best Leather Wallets for Samsung S22

January 05, 2022

The newest flagship series from Samsung is soon to be announced, and we couldn't be any more excited! Why? Because the S22 series will include three new phones – S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra – all of which will be contenders for the best phone on the market. Of course, we can expect S22 Ultra to be the best of the lot.

Buying any of them will be a no-brainer. Bearing that in mind, here are the best leather wallets for all three models so that you can protect them from any harm. You don't want to spend around $1000 and have your phone wrecked the next day, right?

The Best Leather Wallet for Samsung S22

i-Blades leather wallet + smart case

Buying the newest S22 series is a no-brainer, and buying the i-Blades leather wallet is a no-brainer as well. This protection pack is as worthy as great the phones will be.

Let's kick off with the leather wallet.

This beautiful leather wallet is made of Nappa leather from the United States. The leather is incredibly soft and pleasant to touch but sturdy enough to keep the phone protected. You can choose between two colors – black and Navy blue, and honestly, I can't say which one is better. The black option is classy and goes well with the case. But the Navy blue is simply beautiful!

The wallet has four card slots to store your ID or bank cards (or rather any type of similar card). The money pouch is behind it to store cash. There is also a dedicated pen slot next to all of that. On the right side of the wallet, the place is left for the phone itself. You can put the phone along with the protective case inside for extra protection!

Speaking of the protective case, i-Blades sells what they call "smart cases" for all flagship models.

The smart case will bring much more to your future Samsung S22 than just protection. Of course, it does protect the phone from all angles and is specifically designed to match all the buttons, cameras, speakers, and more. The case is incredibly tough and will endure lots of damage. Unfortunately, the screen protector does not come with the case and should be bought separately.

What's more interesting about it is that the case itself has built-in Silicon Valley technology. The Bosch Envirosensor is there to measure and keep track of the air quality in your area. You will see levels of air quality, humidity, temperature, and so on, while all of the data will be recorded and stored so that you can improve your lifestyle.

The case could be further upgraded with SmartBlade technology.

SmartBlades are small pieces that can be magnetically attached to the smart case. These SmartBlades offer more storage memory and more battery life! How? While connected, the phone battery will be charged for a maximum of 20 hours with one full SmartBlade charge. In addition, the SmartBlade itself serves as external storage memory, adding from 16 to 128 GB when used. Simply amazing!

The Best Alternative Leather Wallet for Samsung S22

COTDINFOR Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Wallet

Of course, topping the first choice is probably impossible as it offers so much. But for those who don't want to spend big for protection and simply want traditional leather wallets, COTDINFOR has a very good wallet for your standard S22 model.

The material combines TPU from the inside and synthetic leather from the outside. The synthetic leather is sturdy enough to protect the phone, but just in case, there is TPU, which is even sturdier, to protect the phone further. While inside, the phone will be protected from various shocks, scratches, abrasions, and dirt.

There are only two card slots, but you can place several cards inside. It won't be that organized, but hey, you will remember where you place your cards. Behind these slots is a money pouch for your cash. The wallet is closed with a magnetic snap strap.

Another great thing about it is the possibility of a kickstand – you can place your phone horizontally on the table and watch your favorite videos hands-free.

The case comes in either black, blue, brown, green, or red colors and has a beautiful butterfly print.

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Leather Wallet

QIVSTAR Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Leather Wallet

The QIVSTAR company has a long history of making protective accessories for mobile phones. And with such experience comes this excellent leather wallet for S22 Plus.

First of all, the wallets from this collection are gorgeous! There are several artworks to choose from, and every boy, girl, man, or woman will find something they like for sure.

The wallet only has one card slot, though, which is a big minus, but there is a cash pouch behind that can serve as a card-holder if one slot is not enough for all your cards.

The right side of the wallet is for the phone, and there is a protective case waiting as well! Put your phone into the case and close the wallet with a magnetic snap, and you can rest assured nothing will happen to it. The combination of leather and faux leather is great – it protects and also has anti-slip properties.

And just like the previous model, there is a kickstand option for hands-free watching.

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leather wallet

LEMAXELERS Galaxy S22 Ultra Case 3D Effect Creative Pattern

As said above, the S22 Ultra will arguably be the best phone on the market, and as such, all the protection possible will be desirable. And LEMAXELERS has made one great leather wallet for just such a case.

Basically, this wallet is more or less the same as the previous S22 Plus model – it has a kickstand option, two card slots with a money pouch, and a magnetic strap to close the wallet tightly.

The high-quality PU leather is very lightweight but will protect the phone perfectly from all sorts of damage. Also, the print details are fantastic, a variety of options are possible, and many will find their favorite.

Final words

Whether you believe in additional protection or not, or simply don't like to put your beautiful phone inside of a leather wallet, trust me, you will want to protect your next Samsung S22 phone. The series will be amazing, and it will be such a shame if anything is to happen to it.