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Samsung battery life - do we really need more

December 05, 2016

Samsung battery life - Do we Really Need More?

Samsung battery life is usually very impressive.  The Galaxy smartphone line has a reputation of offering the best smartphone battery life.  Its latest addition the Galaxy Note 7 has a 3,500 mAh capacity. Despite this, most of us would say we continue to need more smartphone battery life. With all our usage its rare even Samsung battery life (regardless of the phone) lasts more than a day. Even the best smartphone battery life is still not enough for our needs.

This battery life problem is having a significant impact. According to LG:

  • 90% of us suffer from the fear of losing power on our phones.
  • Battery life concerns are even having an impact on health. $2% of millennials likely to skip gym when choosing between a workout and charging their phone.

So we have a battery life crisis on our hands.  That is set to get worse with new applications sucking up even more battery power. Take for example the Pokemon Go phenomenon which clearly requires more smartphone battery life.

As our demands on smartphone battery life increase, is it realistic for smartphones to meet our battery life needs? Should we find another solution. A return to the replaceable Samsung battery? Even bigger smartphone batteries? Are bulky battery packs, power packs, or battery cases the future? There are a plethora of Samsung accessories that could solve this ? But it has to be a smart accessory that will win the day.


Samsung Battery Life

When it comes to overall smartphone battery life there are big differences between smartphones. Just under ten hours separates the smartphone with the best battery life from the worst. Samsung battery life outshines all others. A recent CNET review, has the entire Samsung Galaxy S7 family leading all other smartphones on battery life. The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge clocked in battery run times over 19 and 16 hours, respectively. Samsung has used a 3,000 mAh battery pack in its Galaxy S7 and a 3,500 mAh battery in its Galaxy S7 edge. The Galaxy Note 7 comes with the 3500 mAh battery.  For comparison the iPhone 6s Plus holds a measly 2,750 mAh battery.

Samsung battery life is better than most.  They have led the way in looking for solutions to people's battery life problems. First with the replaceable Samsung battery. Now the Galaxy S7 has wireless charging. Samsung battery life saving apps are also an increasing area of investment.  All these innovations are welcome but do not go far to extend battery life beyond normal usage.  Preventing you seeking an external power source.


The smartphone battery life crisis

There is a battery life crisis happening.  People's behaviour is changing according to a recent survey by LG:

  • 32% of people will drop everything and head home to charge their phone
  • 42% of millennials are likely to skip gym when choosing between a workout and charging their phone
  • 46% are embarrassed to ask a stranger to use their charge, but will do so due to fear of losing battery
  • 60% will blame a dead phone for not speaking to a loved one.

This is only set to get worse as we find new ways to use your phone. Take the newest power hog—Pokémon Go. This game has been flagged as a real power hog. Draining smartphone battery life very quickly. Pokémon Go is a "phone battery vampire," according to Amsterdam-based security software company AVG Technologies. In a field test, AVG found that continuous "Pokémon Go" play can completely drain a fully charged iPhone 6S Plus battery in two hours and 10 minutes. A Samsung Galaxy S6 battery lasts a half-hour longer, dying after two hours and 40 minutes.

“Whether you like or hate the game, one thing is for sure: It sucks battery life like there's no tomorrow,” says Raymond Wong, editor at Mashable. As a matter of fact, Pokémon Go has helped to double the sales of external battery packs in the U.S., according to a new report from the NPD Group.


The growth in power packs and battery cases

The go to solutions right now appear to be external battery packs and battery cases. The battery pack is a common favourite.  Plug it in when you need power. There are downsides to carrying around a battery pack. Some can be difficult to pocket.  It has to be connected by cable which often means your phone is out of action when charging. Then at the end of the day charging it separately from your phone is another thing to do at the end of the day.

Another option is a battery case. Battery cases have gotten ever more popular. So rather than have a battery that is fully external.  You have a built-in battery to the phone case. Then the phone case can protect and charge your phone. A seemingly ideal solution. But a big bulky compromise. That may restrict port access and may not fit your headphones.


Samsung has even launched its own battery case for the S7.  Even with their expertise in battery solutions you have a BIG case that changes the ergonomics of using the Galaxy S7. It nearly doubles the size of the phone and adds 50% more weight.


An alternative smart accessory for  more Samsung battery life

There is a further alternative. In a world of smart. Just attaching a battery via a case or a cable seems a bit "old school". A bit low tech in a world of high tech.  Not exactly a smart solution to the problem:

People need extra battery power at certain times when they are mobile.

This should not interfere with phone usage.

This should be temporary.

This should not create excessive bulk to the phone.

People only need power at certain times.  At other times they should be able to remove it. An on-demand solution is needed.  That is portable.

There is a “smart” accessory that is doing just this for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone range. It meets battery life needs, as well as lifestyle and design requirements. This Samsung accessory is the i-BLADES Smartcase.

It is a phone case. That for the most part will be a phone case.  However, when you need it you can snap-on power modules called Smartblades. This means no cables and no loss in phone function.  You can continue doing what you were doing.  But you will be charging your phone on the go.

It doubles Samsung battery life. You can charge multiple battery modules in one go.  This gives you even longer lasting battery life on one charge.  You can increase battery life up to 10 times using this method. It also allows you add more functions such as health, VR, entertainment as and when you need them.


Samsung battery life - we need more but delivered smarter

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are beautiful phones.  If they were fatter but had more battery life they would be less popular.  We demand thinner and thinner phones. So battery life is always going to be an issue.

So the question is not do we need more battery. The question is how should we get more battery power. There are a range of different choices to solve battery life problems.  To help you reduce your battery life anxiety.  From the battery pack to the battery case.

So if you want more Samsung battery life you need to decide what Samsung accessory suits you.  But if you bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge then you should choose a smart solution.  For on-demand Samsung battery life you could not beat the i-BLADES Smartcase.