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i-BLADES Announces The World’s First Leather Wallet Smartcase

January 09, 2018

i-BLADES Announces The World’s First Leather Wallet Smartcase for Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8


MILPITAS, CA, January 8th, 2017--i-BLADES, Inc., maker of the world’s first Smartcase, announced the  world’s first leather wallet Smartcase today.  A luxurious combination of premium leather phone case and advanced technology, the new leather wallet Smartcase  means that users can protect their phone and also upgrade its capabilities using snap-on wireless Smartblades. It’s the ultimate accessory for those wanting style but need performance.




The leather wallet Smartcase comes bundled with a Battery and Memory Smartblade. By snapping the Battery and Memory Smartblade on to the back of the Smartcase  users can instantly capture more memories and make the phone battery life last longer.  The Smartblade adds up to 10hrs battery life and up to 128GB extra storage to the phone.  Storage is further expandable through a micro sd on the Smartblade. The Smartcase also has an Enviro Sensor that monitors air quality wherever you are.


The leather wallet Smartcase is available for the three latest Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S8 leather wallet Smartcase; Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leather walletSamsung Galaxy Note 8 leather wallet.


No need to clutter the phone with wires and ugly battery packs. i-BLADES operates through a proprietary wireless standard operating at over 3 times the speed of standard wireless protocols. This means that users can transfer data from the Smartblade to the phone at high speed and get more power, no wires needed.  More snap-on Smartblades will be announced shortly with even more features.


The leather wallet Smartcase is made from carefully selected top Grain Nappa milled leather sourced from North America.  Nappa leather is known for being one of the softest leathers, giving the Smartcase a satin-like finish that  is incredibly soft and smooth to the  touch but tough and durable.


Users can combine their daily essentials within this exclusive case and leave their wallet at home. It has been designed with care and attention to carry  credit cards, ID and money-- a genuine wallet replacement.  It gives users all round phone protection when closed as well as open.  The protective case has been tested for drop protection at 4ft.


Available within the next week for the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8, the new leather wallet Smartcase retails at $149.99 for the 16GB Smartblade.