Making a modular phone case smart

February 01, 2016

From injection mold to modular phone case - constructing the world's most intelligent Smartcase

Even the world's smartest and most advanced phone case needs to start out as a basic but stylish phone case! The modular phone case has a modular construction process.


Step 1 - make an awesome case

Get ready to expand the capabilities of your phone. But first the manufacturing part.....We hit a major milestone in bringing the Smartcase through into mass manufacturing. We have a carefully designed injection mold now ready to produce our Galaxy S6 Elite Smartcase. Our team was out in China with our manufacturing team to oversee the quality and the finer details. See the image below, from one of the team, for the beginnings of the manufacturing process of a modular phone case.

From these modest beginnings will come a phone case that will supercharge your smartphone!  Increasing your Galaxy S6 battery life, memory and much more (watch this space for other phone models).

i-BLADES Smartcase

Sleek and stylish, slimline it even looks good on the injection mold tool!

I cannot wait to get it in my hands.  Even more excited by getting it out to people.  If you cannot wait either you can even pre-order it here. No more worries about battery life, no more cables, power banks, smart devices.  But first let's get it off the mold.


More updates to follow. How do we make it so smart? You'll have to wait and see. Follow us on Twitter @idashblades or follow check-out our website


The i-BLADES team


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