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Pixel 6 Top Improvements

July 14, 2021

Not everyone was pleased with Google’s idea to go for a cheaper model last year and many are eagerly waiting for the Pixel 6 news. So far, many leaks and news have appeared regarding the new model and we are all waiting to see what improvements will Pixel 6 bring with it.

Will it be a flagship once again, or will Google stick to their dream of more affordable phones? Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming improvements.

Google Pixel 6: will the high-end phone have a home chip?

The American manufacturer suggests the development of a “home-grown” processor for its next flagship device. The most efficient phone manufacturers develop their own chips - Apple and Samsung showcase their products with in-house processors, while other brands outsource. Until now, Google relied on American founder Qualcomm to power its Pixel phones.

In a blog post posted on its site, Google confirms the arrival of in-house chips. "Instead of integrating components on a motherboard where they are separated by a few millimeters, we now turn to the design of Systems on Chip (SoC), where multiple functions are found on the same chip, or several chips, within the same package," explains the vice-president in charge of infrastructures Amin Vahdat. The company has also just hired Uri Frank, who has just over 20 years of experience at Intel, a specialist in chip production.

Apple's recipe for absolute harmony and optimization is its own OS paired with its own chip, which makes the iPhone so fast and smooth to operate. This is how he usually behaves when he is taken out of the box and a few years later.

Google obviously sees its future in this as well. The mention of Google’s “Whitechapel” chip dates back to early last year and is now being updated. Under the name "GS101" Whitechapel, this chip in cooperation with Samsung should be ready for this fall.

That GS in its name is probably shortened from Google Silicon after the example of Apple Silicon, and in the same manner, it should drive Google's Pixel phones but also Chromebooks. So far, unfortunately, there is no information about the key features of their chip.

Google phones have already had in-house equipment. The Pixel 3 already included a homemade security chip. The next Pixel 5a will work thanks to a Snapdragon. The processor issue is still far from being resolved. It takes several years for a manufacturer to develop its own chip. The manufacturer will be happy to provide this information if the SoC arrives on time.

Even better cameras

Pixel phones have always been regarded as smartphones with arguably the best cameras on the market. This was primarily due to Google’s smart algorithms (or as some would say AI, even though it technically isn’t but is the next best thing) which learn and modify photos to achieve the best image quality. Google has managed to achieve this with “average” camera hardware and so far it has been working wonderfully.

Pixel 6 will have improved hardware on both front and rear cameras. Let's start with the front one.

4K selfie camera

The Pixel 5 had an 8 MP front camera sensor which could not record in 4K. The latest leaks suggest that the new model, Pixel 6, will be able to record 4K resolution with its front camera, which means that Google will not use the same front camera as they did with Pixel 5, but a better one.

Another news suggests that the front camera will be positioned on the top middle of the screen thus abandoning the side positioning it used to have. This is simply an aesthetic feature that will have no actual impact on the performance, but it might lead to better design, which is an improvement nevertheless.

Many supported Google's choice to abandon flagship dreams and go for a cheaper version with Pixel 5, and they will argue how 4K video recording possibility for the front camera is quite an unnecessary and expensive feature. Be that as it may, many do wish to see another flagship phone from Google and they welcome this innovation. With the skyrocketing popularity of social networks and the importance of video calls in recent times, this new and improved camera doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

ISOCELL rear camera sensor

So far, Google has mainly used the IMX363 camera sensors from Sony but now news suggests they will turn to a more modern and popular sensor – the ISOCELL from Samsung. These sensors are used by smartphone models which had the best image quality results in recent testings, such as Samsung S21 Ultra and Mi 11 Ultra.

By combining the new camera hardware with its image-enhancing algorithms, we can expect great things from Pixel 6 regarding its cameras.

In-screen fingerprint sensor

Moving the front camera to the top center will not be the only difference in design when comparing to Pixel 5. The leaks suggest that Pixel 6 will have an in-screen fingerprint sensor thus leaving the back of the phone just for the rear camera.

Improved security

Moving from the hardware side of the phone to the less visible aspects, Google has announced security changes. Google's Developer Program Policy will have new "laws", and the first one is the prevention of unsafe app permissions between various Android apps.

Basically, apps with malicious installation processes or apps that install other apps will be denied by the phone unless for main phone functions. Google points out that if developer apps do not meet acceptable use requirements, those apps must be removed from the manifest until they comply with the new privacy policy.

We give Android apps far too much freedom and who knows in which ways those apps can access our personal information and stored files. This particular move will make it harder for apps to spy on and track other apps installed on your phone.

Although this will be implemented before the Pixel 6 release, we expect Pixel 6 to have an improved security system.

Final Words

Based on the news so far, it seems that not only will Google go for a flagship, but also the best phone on the market. The hype is getting bigger and bigger.

Google fans are not the only ones who are eagerly anticipating the new model. Many companies have started manufacturing various gadgets and accessories for Pixel 6, predicting a big sale and success. In case you are waiting for the Pixel 6 to come out and buy it, pay close attention to other add-ons, such as a smart case from i-Blades, which will make the Pixel 6 even better.