Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors - coming soon!

June 12, 2017

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumor is that this much anticipated phablet will be announced as early as August this year, following closely off the back of Samsung's successful S8 and S8 plus smartphone launches. ¬†The latest unconfirmed date was from the reliable¬†Korean Herald¬†that the announcement date of the Galaxy Note 8 would be as soon as August. According to the Herald and many other sources, Samsung will aim to announce before the iPhone announcements, which are traditionally early September. It was already previously confirmed by Samsung's head of Mobile DJ Koh that the new Galaxy Note 8 would launch this year in a recent CNET interview. So August sounds like a a reasonably solid date. ¬†DJ Koh also said ¬†in his interview ‚ÄúI will bring back a better, safer and very innovative¬†Note¬†8‚ÄĚ. In direct reference to the Note 7 issues.

Samsung appears to have put the Note 7 issues in the past with the strong sales and critical acclaim of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.  The Galaxy Note 8 is set to have quite a following with such a loyal following from previous Note users. Even among Note 7 users there remains a very strong Note following with many not willing to heed the Samsung Note 7 recall.

There is much already known about the Samsung Note 8 or model number SM-N950 as Evan Blass notorious leaker has confirmed.  The last Galaxy Note model number successfully released was the N920 - the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We set out what is rumored to be coming in the rest of this blog.


Galaxy Note 8 design will be part of the S8 family

The Galaxy Note 8 design is built using the S8 and S8 Plus design approach.  This means a big screen with an "Infinity Display". For those of you who missed all that Samsung marketing around the S8 and S8 Plus, the Infinity Display is a near bezel-free screen 18.5:9.

The Galaxy Note 8 will have that sleek and elegant glass and metal finish similar to the S8 and S8 Plus.


Galaxy Note 8 will be all screen

The screen will be Samsung's biggest and most beautiful screen ever in a mobile device.  Bigger than even the Galaxy S8 plus that has a 6.2 inch screen which is pretty amazing.  The Galaxy Note 8 will potentially have a 6.3 inch or even 6.4 inch screen with Samsung's Infinity Display.  

The screen will not just be big rumour has it that it will be coming with a 4K pixel density.  Which will make the VR Gear a whole new immersive experience.


The Galaxy Note 8 will sport Samsung's best ever camera

Samsung has already shown it is taking on the iPhone and other smartphones in the camera imaging battle.  The S7 edge had a great camera, the S8 is even better. The Galaxy Note 8 could be a further massive step up in this area. Saumsung is rumoured to be bringing in dual-lens camera technology as was as 3x optimal zoom.


Potential S-Pen innovation

The S-Pen is one of the essential trademark features of the note range.  It has meant many are waiting specifically for the next Note rather than upgrading to another smartphone. The rumor mill is speculating about the S-Pen.  It could come with  built-in speaker which would be a real break from tradition. Perhaps adding a dictation element for when taking notes.


The most powerful Samsung smartphone ever

The Galaxy Note range has always been more beefed up than its smartphone counterparts.  This remains the same with the Galaxy Note 8, which will have a newer Qualcomm Snap dragon chip, as well as possibly 6GB RAM as opposed to 4GB in the S8 and S8 Plus.  A seriously potent smartphone ready for all the multi-tasking and heavy graphics usage its users will no doubt put it through.


The Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome sounding phone.   We look forwards to its release with anticipation. It deserves an awesome case that reflects the technological demands of its user base.  The one phone case that can offer that is the i-BLADES Smartcase. A completely new kind of phone case that will put you ahead of the crowd in your ability to do more.  Built-in smart technology, slimline, modular.  Check it out Keep watching this space for Galaxy Note 8 case availability.


Galaxy Note 8 rumor case



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