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Samsung Note 10 Pro and Lite: Leaks, Speculation and Biggest Changes -- August 10 2019

June 10, 2019

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumors indicate users will have a choice of three models: the Note 10 Pro, the Note 10 and the the Note 10 Lite.  The latest unconfirmed date is from the reliable Korean website ETNews stating the official release will be August 10 for all three variants. 

 Onleaks jumped ahead of everyone with very nice images.

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Samsing Note 10  

Biggest Changes for the Note 10

  • Drops the headphone Jack
  • Drops back finger scanner
  • Quad cameras
  • Large 6.7 in screen
  • Super Fast Charging at 45 watts
  • About same price as when the Note 9 arrived
  • In screen buttons
  • In screen finger scanner 
  • Camera location changed to vertical and to the side
  • 5G connectivity perhaps for the Pro version
  • Bixbi button is gone

Drops the Head Phone Jack

No love for the headphone Jack. Who knew a technology that dates back to 1878 according to BBC is now MIA for the Note 10, Lite and Pro versions. Clearly the era of wireless headphones is here. Obviously, we can think of lots of reasons to keep the headphone jack including simplicity to charge, provide kids with cheap throw away headphones and using the existing expensive headphones I have to name a few. Clearly none of this matters as Samsung seems to have joined the headless phone jack party.

Drops back finger scanner

Biometrics as it is known, e.g. finger print scanner as we know it is a great locking tool for smartphones. It is easy to set up and quick to use. Initially got traction in the back of the phone for technical reasons but in my view for convenience. Clearly Samsung believes that pocking the screen is simpler and more convenient than simply resting the middle finger on the back of the smartphone. GO figure.

Quad Camera

What is a quad camera and do I as a amateur photographer care anyways… Well a quad camera is what it implies a set of four cameras, each designed to take pictures at different distance and Wirth different apertures. Clearly better than one camera but I miss my set of lenses that allow me to decide and select the optimal camera. For now the quad camera is simply an improvement over the old one camera solution.

Samsung Note 10 Pro I-Blades cases, battery charger, sdCard, EnviroSensor

Larger Screen at 6.7 in with round edges.

The rounded edges is my favorite feature of the Samsung smartphones. After all I spend 3 to 4 hours looking at my Samsung S9 Plus everyday. From reading emails, catching up with news, waiting an occasional youtube video and simply watching a movie I truly enjoy the depth perception the rounded edges provide. Therefore the bigger the better, the brighter the better and it seems teh Note 10 plans to deliver that. 

Super Fast Charging at 45 W

Another technology that dates back to 1791, the battery by Volta, is one that has vexed everyone since then. I would prefer that by now we would have a battery that lasted all week, even when the screen and wireless radios are all on. However, this is not yet available so Samsung is going for the alternative which is to deliver a means to charge the battery as fast as possible. At 45 watts the battery could charge to 75% in 30 minutes. This obviously requires that a charge source is available so adding an extra i-Blades battery Smartcase.

Premium Price

Almost everyone expects the Note 10 to be priced at the premium range above $1,000. This begs the question when should you upgrade from what you have to the Note 10. Clearly Samsung would like all of us to upgrade every year but those days are true yearly innovation are gone. Smartphone technology is now mature and you should upgrade when you truly need to for practical reasons.

In Screen Buttons

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung begun the journey to use in screen buttons. I truly enjoy these (after the initial learning curve to know where they are and what they do) buttons and they maximize teh onscreen experience. Obviously I expect this to continue as screen size and shape, as I mentioned above, is one of my favorite features.

Finger Print Scanner on the Screen!

It is only natural that this technical capability would arrive, but is it natural to use? I am not a finger print scanner user but I can appreciate the simplicity to touch the back of the phone as part of my natural hand moving to grab and hold the phone as part of unlocking the phone. Until I actually see how the front scanner will work I am reserving judgment on how truly effective is the front finger scanner…

Camera Is Vertical and to the Side

Well, here is a feature that I don’t know if it matters? Perhaps moving the camera to the side provides the Samsung engineers with room to add/improve other features but for me I don’t see how this could make a difference. Chock this one up as a change for the sake of change… 

5G Connectivity 

Impressive 5G is coming to market but no-one yet knows the exact killer App. Will it be fast downloading of movies, videos, data? Will it be remote surgery or some kind of remote application? Well for me I am not a surgeon and the only remote application I can see doing is sports. I hear that having near instant connectivity will allow me to change the outcome of my favorite sports team. Well let’s see how that goes…

Bixby Button is No More!!!

Here is one change worthwhile making. I could not ever understand why Samsung decide to impose Bixby on everyone. It was completely annoying having Bixby pop up at all times. Good riddance to Bixby button…


The Galaxy Note 10 is an awesome sounding phone.   We look forwards to its release with anticipation. It deserves an awesome case that reflects the technological demands of its user base.  The one phone case that can offer that is the i-BLADES Smartcase. A completely new kind of phone case that will put you ahead of the crowd in your ability to do more.  Built-in smart technology, slimline, modular.  Check it out

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