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Samsung S23 Rumors

August 10, 2022

Not to be deceived, there is still a long time before the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series will come out. So far, it will presumably be presented at the beginning of next year, but interesting rumors and very juicy leaks are already beginning to spread, so we are going to review them to determine from now whether the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be worth it or not.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Design

The first thing that needs to be talked about is the issue of design. According to ā€œIce Universeā€, which posted photos on Twitter about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra not long ago, it showed us that the front of the device will now be without a front camera, that is, we will have a hidden camera inside the screen. This is something that we already saw in the Galaxy Fold 3, a 2021 device with such technology, but for some unknown reason, it was not included in the 2022 Galaxy S22.

But with the photos shown by this Twitter user ā€œIce Universeā€, now it seems very definitive that we are going to see this in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. On the other hand, also in the rest of the design different changes would be noticed. The Galaxy S22 (especially the Ultra version) turned out to be a kind of a rehash of the canceled Galaxy Note that we would have had.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will continue to keep the pencil inside the chassis, but in this case, they would give it its personality so that it really looks like a Galaxy S device and not so much a Note. This implies that it will keep some curves.

Some rumors begin to show curves on all sides of the screen, including side buttons. What does seem very clear (obviously we are still a long time from this happening, therefore everything could change) is that it seems that the phones will have their own designs. This is especially possible with the issue of the quadruple curvature of the screen, that is, not only the sides but also those that would be the top and bottom edges.

It is something that we have already seen in Huawei and it would not be unusual for it to be a design that would be a little differentiating for the future. Anything can happen.


The Processor

At the moment, what seems most important to us to discuss is the most talked about topic with totally contradictory information, such as the processors that the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series could use.

On the one hand, some sources talk about Samsung going directly to Exynos, and that it will not have devices that use Snapdragon anymore. This sounds quite strange because the first generation Snapdragon 8 has given a very good performance and everything indicates that the following versions will be even more optimized.

There is talk of that collaboration with AMD in which they aim to achieve a much more associated device, in what would be hardware and software cooperation to improve battery performance, something that today penalizes the S22 series compared to all of its direct rivals, such as Apple. By having that optimization and that synergy between hardware and software, in the end, what Samsung will end up achieving is the best performance.

Another piece of information is that there is talk of collaboration with Mediatek to change the processors by selling the Exynos, and completely switching to Mediatek devices. This is something really strange, but there is quite a lot of information that talks about it.

In general, and considering everything very carefully, what we can conclude is that Samsung's relationship with Qualcomm is not at its best, perhaps the company is not convinced by the performance of the new processors, or perhaps they are not reaching final agreements, which could result in a new alliance of Samsung with another rival company of Qualcomm.

To launch a device for sale in 2023, these agreements and these purchases are happening in 2022, so it is really interesting that there is so much information and misinformation. Well, that is an indication that they want to protect the reality of the deals they are making and what the outcome of those deals entails.

The Camera

On the subject of the camera, finally, everything indicates that we will have the 200-megapixel sensor with the S23 Ultra. This is a sensor that was also talked about for quite some time and it already seems official.

It is not clear to what extent this can improve photography because, in the end, it is just a larger size, which is very good if you have a Samsung 8K TV and want to share your photos, but it does not necessarily take better photos. Hopefully, it will have a specific renderer for image renderings like Google and Apple work with.

The regular and Plus models are likely to retain the same cameras as the S22 series.


The most important part of the smartphone is what price category it falls into. Currently, we are already in the club of more than 1000 dollars. Many flagship smartphones are worth more than $999, and now we can expect Samsung to drop between $799 and $1200. The regular S23 is expected to be priced at $799, while the $999 price is for the S23+ and a whopping $1200 bucks for the premium and ultimate Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Release Date

Based on leaks and rumors on the internet, what we know about the launch date so far is that it will fall sometime in February 2023. As of now, Mobile World Congress will take place from February 27, 2023, to March 3, 2023, making it more likely that Samsung will present its flagship launch sooner. We can expect Samsung to launch the phone as soon as the new year starts because there are no issues like chip shortages or anything similar that tech companies faced before.