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What is a Modular Smartphone Wallet?

May 31, 2021

Life in the 21st century would be impossible to imagine without smartphones. We use them every day for all kinds of purposes – whether it’s for our jobs, to communicate with family and friends, listen to music, use it as a navigation device, watch videos, play games, and much more.

Naturally, as our needs for smartphones grew, the phones are being made better and better. Today, even mid-range smartphones are as powerful as PCs, and you can do pretty much anything with them. Consequently, the prices are growing higher and higher, and seeing how flagship phones cost around $1,500 today, people are looking to protect such valuable assets at all cost.

Bearing that in mind, accessories like phone cases, wallets, and screen protectors are often bought to provide further protection. Not many wish to “spoil” the beautiful original design of the phone, but it is more often than not a necessity.

In this article, you can find out more about a new modular smartphone wallet, a smart case that goes with it, and why you should definitely have them.

What Is a Modular Wallet?

A modular smartphone wallet has more options than a regular one. While the regular wallet only has pockets for cash and cards on the one side, and a smartphone-allocated space on the other (and that’s it), the modular wallet, apart from the mentioned qualities, can have a phone case attached inside of it as well, and has wireless charging possibilities.

Of course, this particular modular wallet is an innovation by a company called i-Blades, which produces the specific smart case that goes into the wallet, as well as the Turbo Blade charging and storage space. Let's see more about each.

The i-Blades modular wallet

Since you can fit both the smartphone and its case inside, along with cash and other cards, this wallet is very slim. Being slim will not disrupt its protective purposes and this wallet will fully cover your phone and keep it away from any damage.

The aesthetic of the wallet is of high quality. It is made of top-notch and luxurious USA Grain Nappa leather, which looks amazing to the eye, and feels fantastic to the touch. A clasp-strap will prevent the wallet from opening on its own.

While providing the soft feel, it is still more than durable to protect the phone, as stated. Apart from protection, its usability includes 4 card slots and one cash pocket on the left, and a stylus holder, and the right side is for the smartphone and its case. On the back, there is a Silicon Valley tech slot on which you can attach a Turbo Blade, which we will explain in further text.

The i-Blades smart case

The case fits perfectly onto your smartphone (the list of compatible smartphones is provided below) and will protect it from any damage. It looks modern and fresh, and is not bulky at all, making it a perfect addition to all compatible smartphones.

The i-Blades smart case has a Silicon Valley tech as well. The case itself has a Bosch EnviroSensor that will monitor air quality around you in real-time. This way you can see and record air humidity, temperature, air pollution, as well as health tips and much more just by having this case on your phone. All of this is controlled by an app.

The case is magnetically attached to the wallet and will stay completely fixed. In case you don’t want your wallet but do want the case, you can simply snap the case off the wallet.

Both the smart case and leather wallet become even more powerful if the Turbo SmartBlade is attached to the back of it.

The i-Blades Turbo SmartBlade

The pinnacle of this package is the Turbo SmartBlade, with which you can power up your phone battery for up to 10 hours, or add more storage (16 or 128 GB, depending on your choice). The Turbo SmartBlade must be magnetically attached, (snapped on), to either the case or wallet in order to work. Additional Turbo Blades can be added (stacked) on the existing one if you need more power. The Turbo SmartBlade has a Micro SDcard slot as well for adding additional optional memory.

With the Turbo Blade, you extend your phone’s battery life by half a day and can store more things than usual, or use it like you would use a USB flash drive.


The i-Blades Leather Modular Wallets with cases are available for the following top Android phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21;
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G;
  • Google Pixel 5.

The company has also announced a complete package for the upcoming Pixel 6 as well.

Why do you need a modular smartphone wallet?

There are many reasons why you should use a modular smartphone wallet and buy the case with the SmartBlade as well. Some of the most notable reasons are:

  • Protection - They protect your phone from damage;
  • Everything in one - You don’t need to take both the wallet and the phone separately with you. All the documents, money, and the phone will be inside the wallet.
  • More space – you will increase free space in your purse/pocket/bag…
  • Easily detachable – if you need just the phone, you can snap it out of the wallet with a single pull, and then place the ultra-thin wallet back in your bag.
  • More battery - The Turbo SmartBlade will charge your phone anytime whether attached to the case or wallet.
  • More storage - The SmartBlade will provide more storage space.
  • Live healthier – take advantage of the Envirosensors and improve your life quality.

Final words

The future of smartphone protection has arrived. Modular wallets are a great addition to any smartphone as they have so many benefits (some of them are mentioned above). With little investment, you will both protect and improve your smartphone, and that’s pretty much all you need to know.

If you are interested in what the i-Blades company has to offer, you can follow this link.