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Are you a developer or company with ideas how to improve smartphone functionality?

Are you a company trying to reach mobile consumers with something more compelling than just an application? Want to get your mobile experience/technology to market fast?

Have a technology that needs to leverage the smartphone platform but no hardware or potential integration into existing smartphone technology?

Are you creating an IOT solution but need to interface with smartphone technology? Want to make the cell phone centre stage for your IOT items?

Then register today for the i-BLADES developer/partner program to work with us to build experiences for the world’s first intelligent hardware/software expansion platform for smartphones.

The i-BLADES Smartcase platform enables our developer partners to reach mobile consumers in new ways. It will allow you to build on it to create new Smartblades to meet future consumer or business/enterprise needs.

The possibilities are literally limitless. From creating a custom ASIC, to delivering unique OTT branded experiences, to adding new sensors and applications that may create medical smartphone attachments, radio or TV. Or enabling secure payment systems. The i-BLADES Smartcase makes this possible.

As the smartphone becomes more and more central to people’s lives i-BLADES has the solution for you to reach mobile consumers and leverage the capabilities of the smartphone (power, screen, UI, processing, connectivity).

If you want to reach mobile consumers in new ways with hardware and software. We can work with you to build snap-on and snap-off smartphone enhancements using custom Smartblades for use with the i-BLADES Smartcase.

To learn more register for the i-BLADES Developer/partner program to get to mobile consumers fast – it’s that easy!

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i-BLADES Developer Program FAQ

What is i-BLADES announcing at CES?

i-BLADES is announcing that it is hosting a kickoff event on Tuesday, March 22nd to officially launch its Developer Program (“The i-BLADES Developer Program”). Details for this event will be distributed in advance via email to anyone who provides contact details or pre-registers for the Program.

What is the purpose of the i-BLADES Developer Program?

The primary aim of the i-BLADES Developer Program is to provide the essential tools and resources that enable developers around the world to build, test, certify and distribute custom Blades and accompanying software for use with the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform.

What is the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform?

The i-BLADES Smartcase Platform is the world’s most intelligent phone case with integrated micro processing technology that supports easily attachable and detachable “Blades,” which extend the functional capabilities of smartphones.

What is the profile of the “ideal” developer for this Program?

The i-BLADES Developer Program is open to people of all disciplines – e.g., hardware and software engineers, product managers and research scientists – who are interested in developing new technology to extend the features and functional capabilities of smartphones using the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform.

How much does it cost to join the Program?

The i-BLADES Developer Program is free to join. i-BLADES reserves the right remove anyone from the Program who violates the registration terms or code of conduct for participation.

What are the benefits of the Program?

The i-BLADES Developer Program delivers the following key benefits to developers:

  • Special offers on Combo Packs (that is, all-inclusive hardware and software bundles) that enable developers to rapidly build and test custom Blades and accompanying software for use with the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform.
  • Early access to i-BLADES Smartcase Platform developer tools, SDKs and sample source code that are essential for jumpstarting and completing the development process.
  • Access to online documentation and reference materials.
  • Eligibility to submit Blades for registration, certification and distribution via i-BLADES retail and distribution partners.
  • Authorization to use the “i-BLADES Certified” Blade logo and wordmark on all pre-qualified products, product packaging, websites and marketing materials.
  • Authorization to use the i-BLADES Registered Developer logo and wordmark on websites and marketing material.
  • Eligibility to register for participation in the i-BLADES Competence Center Program.

Does i-BLADES charge a license fee for use of the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform?

Yes, i-BLADES charges a license fee for use of the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform but only for commercially released products, not for pre-production or early concept products that are not for sale.

Which IDE does i-BLADES support for development?

i-BLADES enables developers to continue using the integrated development environments (IDEs) and developer tools that they have come to know and love to use with their respective mobile platforms, whether it be Android, iOS or other mobile platforms. With the initial launch of the its Developer Program, i-BLADES will support exclusively the Android mobile platform. i-BLADES plans to rollout support for iOS in mid-2016.